Is Drafts 5 the LaunchBar for iOS?

After watching the SCO for Drafts 5, I used it to compose a short email. I realized this process had a very LaunchBar-esque feel. Noun-verb, or something like that.

Can’t respond to LaunchBar… I took a while, but I keep expanding Drafts range. Lists, email, prewriting for this forum… Did I say lists, actions and group actions setting on top of soft keyboards? Screen shot shows a small part of my Basic actions list. I am going to eliminate half + of these actions. For now I’ve got them separated and organized with spacers.

Unlike many of the stock Shortcuts the actions in Drafts actually get work done efficiently. If you are in love with Shortcuts, great, I’ll get there someday.


I just moved Markdown Mail to a button on the keyboard strip! This is awesome!