Is iPhone pro max 12 video quality similar quality to Sony RX100 VII?

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding choosing between an iPhone 12 pro max vs a Sony RX100 VII? Both can do 4k so I’m wondering if the iPhone would do just as good of a job as the Sony. I know nothing about video quality so I’m just wondering if there’s a reason why I should stick with either.

I know normally iPhones wouldn’t be ideal because high-end cameras can get a much better picture, but I can’t afford any upgrades to my camera for a while.

One pro of the Sony is the flip screen so I can see my self during the recording. Three drawbacks are the battery life is minuscule, it overheats while recording (!), and there’s a limit to how long you can record (30 mins I think). These are non-issues when I connect it to my laptop via a elgato camlink since the laptop is doing the recording and I connect it to a power source.

Any thoughts on which one might work best?

It depends what you want to do.

If ultimate image quality is what you need, the Sony has a much bigger sensor, excellent lens and a long zoom range (24mm-200mm). For high quality video, 30 minutes per shot isn’t commonly a major restriction. I have an older RX100 and can attest to the image quality.

That said, unless you know you need that level of quality (and the other controls that come with a dedicated camera), you can do an excellent job with the iPhone.

That sets aside any considerations of the other things you can do with a phone.

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Thanks for that insight. It looks like it’s worth it for me to learn more about using my camera and sticking with that for now. The time when recording at 4k was much shorter than 30 minutes (about 15 mins) because it would overheat, but then I figured out how to connect it to my laptop.

I’ll probably save my iPhone for any shots where I need to go outdoors or move around.

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