Is it not possible to input items to Things 3 like with Fantastical?

I input events to fantastical with one line, like Meeting with He Who Should Not Be Named friday 10:00-11 @Albania ^evil
But whatever I do, I can’t find a way to do the same with Things 3. I just want something like this:
Talk to Fred & George about new fake wands @wednesday #office or even something as simple as
Bring umbrella @06:55 tomorrow, but the whole thing just ends up in my inbox.

Is there some sort of preprocessor or something that I can use to input my tasks? This is driving me crazy, since I keep having to go through my inbox and redo all my tasks.

Hell, Apple Reminders is better than this!

Things doesn’t have its own internal natural language parser. Not sure why you would assume that. How are you trying to input your tasks?

You could:

  1. Use Siri (or even Fantastical) to create a task, and then have Things set to import tasks from the designated Reminders list.

  2. Use Drafts in combination with any of the myriad Things actions available from the Drafts action directory (or even roll your own version) to do essentially whatever you please.

I’m sure there are other options too.


I assumed that because it’s the least I expect from a good mac app in 2020, I guess…

Back to TickTick!

Todoist does the same thing, with instant add to Google Calendar. (I think TickTick has something similar but it’s on a delayed sync schedule with GC.)