Is it possible for more than 1 person to add to a common **Day One** journal

I’d like to form a journal in which several family members can add entries to, the ultimate goal would be to make and print a memories book for my Mums 80th birthday ?

I’ve spent time searching for an answer to this question but not found anything really concrete, I wondered if anyone else has needed to do something similar. Maybe Day One is not the ideal solution for this type of thing, any help appreciated.

I read recently that Day One gives you the email address for each journal you have in Day One. You can send message to journal email address and content of messages will be added to journal in Day One.


Wow, that sounds a great idea. How did I miss that, in all the web articles and searches I never noticed that but it makes sense. I will give it a try in the morning, thank you so much RDK :+1: