Is it possible to automate a nightly reboot of a HomePod mini?

Is there a way to get my HomePod mini to reboot/restart itself every night, sometime in the middle of the night?

I’ve always had wifi issues with the HomePod/HomePod mini and never could figure out the problem. I have Araknis networking hardware in our home

Anyway, instead of trying to troubleshoot the issue (which, again, I’ve always had), I think it’s just easier to reboot the HomePod everyday (this clears up the issue 99% of the time)

So, I’m wondering if there’s an automation/shortcut I can create that will reboot/restart the HomePod at something like 3AM everyday?

I couldn’t find anything specific in the Shortcuts or Home apps and not sure how I would go about creating a shortcut to do this on my own

Thanks in advance

You could always go old school and plug it into a timer.
A second option would be to use a WeMo switch and Home automation to automate turning it off and back on (assuming you have an iPad that stays at home, or an Apple TV to run the automation).


I hadn’t thought of using a Homekit switch - that’s a good idea and should be a cheap, easy fix

Yeah, have several Apple TVs and my kids each have a HomePod mini, so should be no problem

Thank you for that additional info

I just checked in my Home app and I have 7 home ‘hubs’ (4 Apple TVs and 3 HP minis)

I was surprised not to see my iPad Pro listed, but it seems like only Apple TVs (4th gen or later) and HPs can serve this function

I thought iPads were able to serve as a hub as well, but maybe that functionality was removed at some point

Regardless, the Home app is showing one of my Apple TVs as the current hub

Does anybody know - does this change from time to time? If I check my Home app in a day or two, will it list some other device as the active hub?

$6/each. Un-hackable. No concerns of if this HP is the master, etc.

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LOL that’s great, back to the future!

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Hey man. Thanks for starting this thread. I’m a little late but was wondering if you ever figured out an automation. My (crappy) HomePod minis need a restart more often then not.

Yeah, I ended up buying a cheap HomeKit compatible smart plug:

Meross Smart Plug Mini, 15A & Reliable Wi-Fi, Support Apple HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant and Nest Hub, App Control, Timer, No Hub Needed, 2.4G WiFi Only, 2 Pack - - AmazonSmile

And then setting up an automation to turn off the switch (and hence the HomePod) for a couple minutes and then turn the switch back on (which effectively reboots the HomePod)

It’s a visually ugly solution as you have the Meross plug in the socket and then the huge HomePod mini wall wart plugged into that, so it doesn’t look very good

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Super simple question: will it work if I have only one homepod as a hub ? I mean, when the trigger shut down the HomePod, there are nobody who will send the order two minuts after to get up again.