Is it possible to shoot 16x9 widescreen video with Iphone 14 pro max vertical?

I have googled but cannot find this answer. Can we shoot widescreen video with a vertical iphone? I don’t see a 16x9 setting.

If you keep the iPhone vertical, I would rather call it 9:16.
I do not see a technical possibility to change that, as I think that it depends on the physical position of the camera and the chip inside.

The real answer is no, which is why you see viewer contributed videos on local news programs being letterboxed. You can letterbox or crop (which loses resolution) a vertical video into widescreen with Final Cut and I would expect also iMovie. But it’s best to make the videos in portrait orientation to begin with.

arrgh. Thanks for the info. I am having a hard time finding an iphone mount for my bicycle. I need to shoot widescreen. I found what I thought was the perfect one but the extender (to adapt to different phones) covered one of the lenses. Anyone have a lead on a landscape mount that works with pro max 14?

Even if it doesn’t cause a failure, a frame does not dampen vibrations as well as the human body does and the image stabilization may not be able to compensate completely. Most cyclist use chest or helmet mounted cameras for this reason. Chest mounted usually provide the best experience as they avoid head swivels etc. They also include the handlebars in the shot, which makes it feel like the viewer is sitting on the bike. Of course, if you are not trying to go for that affect, then maybe you don’t what to go that route.

As the iPhone sensor can capture 4K video, it would theoretically be possible to capture landscape HD (1920x1024) video on the sensor that’s at least 2160 tall. I am not aware of any software that can do this though.

However, there should be plenty of mounts that can keep your iPhone in landscape mode for filming. Peak Design and QuadLock comes to mind.