Is it possible to use the Apple Cinema Display Display (27 inches) and/or Apple Thunderbolt Display together with my 2020 iMac 27 inch running Big Sur or Monterey?

Hello Folks

I have several Apple 27 inch Displays - three Cinema Displays and two Thunderbolt Displays - all of them are latest fabrication of each type and fully functional with absolutely no issues.

So as this topics title says - Is it possible to use both of these Display Types with Big Sur and Monterey plugged into my 2020 iMac 27 inch??

I love these types of Monitors and the quality of them and even the very very good condition of each Display. I am currently using one Cinema Display for my mid 2010 13 inch MBP nearly every day when I am at home and one Cinema Display is in use at my fathers place if am there.

I would love to use at least one of the Thunderbolt Displays - may be both and together with my third Cinema Display connected to my iMac again.

Here a little bit background:

As my iMac was new It came with Catalina and I used it together with the two Thunderbolt Displays switching between Catalina on the internal SSD and Mojave on an external SSD.

As I am aware of that this was fully functional and working every day my plans are to bring back my Catalina and Mojave setups via external SSD‘s including an external SSD with Big Sur keeping Monterey installed on the iMac‘s internal SSD until I upgrade to Ventura.

Hoping to receive good feedback from here.

Greetings from Germany