Is it worth buying an 11-inch M1 iPad Pro?

I’ve been using my first 12.9" iPad Pro for over a year now, but feel like its two-handed size make it clumsy to do the things I use it for: marking-up papers, etc. I’m thinking of downgrading downsizing.

The 12.9" iPad Pro 2021 is getting all the attention because of the new screen. Is the 11" too small of an upgrade to make it worth the purchase?

I will get a fair amount back by sending the 12.9" back to Apple, to offset the price. I considered used and refurbished 11" iPad Pros (2018 or 2020), but they are priced pretty closely to a new 2021.

The M1 processor is largely unused now, but this calculation changes depending on what happens with the next iteration of iPadOS.

If the prices for 2018, 2020 and 2021 11" models are similar, maybe you could sell your 12.9" third party for enough to totally cover a refurb or third party 11" purchase.

So far Apple has given me the highest price so far. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

What about keeping your current iPad Pro and buying an iPad Air? It also works with an Apple Pencil 2.

That’s a good option. The Apple buy back would have made the iPad Pro 11 cost $260 or so which was appealing.

That’s a surprise :flushed:

Wait, is that a thing? Seems a little deceptive. :frowning:

I don’t really get the premise here. For one thing, changing from a 12.9" to 11" is not downgrading, it is simply choosing a smaller form factor (which sometimes would be considered an upgrade).

So, if you want the smaller form factor, then that is what you are paying for. The machine is more powerful than it needs to be, so that’s not an issue. The M1 is better than the predecessors, so that’s not an issue.

Now, the Air is a worthy machine too, but if there is anything in the Pro you want to keep, then it seems worth it.


Does Apple accept trade-ins in store? They can look right there and determine what it’s worth. If the Apple online store offers one price on a trade-in, sends out the new product and accepts the trade-in, it’s hard to reverse that transaction if I don’t like the revised trade-in offer.

I picked up the 11" ipad pro… here is my short review:

it’s still just an iPad…

the app I use to read my comic books is a little snappier. that said, if they reveal a pro’ish OS and pro apps like Logic or Final Cut at dubdubdeecee, then it could be more. we shall see.


I traded in two iPads in-store yesterday. I definitely recommend that over shipping it to Phobio.

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One trade-in per device purchased?

I ended up keeping my 2016 MBP after mailing it in because the trade-in was about 1/3 of what Apple had offered on the web site.

I ended up down-sizing and they gave me the full amount promised on the website at the store. Ended up costing a little over $200. They did seem surprised I would make such a trade, making me question my choice.

Using it, though, I realize it’s the size I wanted. And too late to retrieve the 12.9 anyway.

The 11 is exactly as the prior one. Nothing different than the size. And the blacks are still bluish… and I’m fine with that.