Is It Worth Trading in A 2017 MBP 15 for A 2019 MBP 13?

I’ve been using a 2017 MBP 15 for a year. It serves me well, but I’m always feeling its extra size and discrete GPU bring more compromises than benefits in my use cases. Also, I’ve been more and more concerned about the potential keyboard issue. Last month the letter K actually started repeating itself for a while. Although it has healed itself, a single incident is enough to get me alerted.

The 2019 update to the MBP line last week makes me wonder whether it’s time to jump off. I understand that this year’s (as well as last year’s) update to the butterfly keyboard is a minor one, but cumulatively it would still be better than the version I have. As of the performance, the newer i5 processor actually outperforms the i7, per results from the GeekBench.

I can buy the new 13 inch base model and upgrdade to 16GB RAM for $1880 with edu discount; my current device can be traded in for $1090. Is this an upgrade worth doing?

Unless you need the processor speed your only consideration should be the physical size.

I need the 15” for when I am traveling an need to remotely support a client. But the size is a pain to travel with.

Heh, here I am with my 13” 2018 thinking about a new 15.

I really just want a 14” MBP I think…

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If you think the additional power will be useful, then yes, get the new MBP. You should still be able to get a decent resale price for your existing machine, which could go towards a new machine.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (who’s accurately revealed hardware info for year now with strong connections inside Apple’s manufacturing partners) Apple is rumored to be coming out later this year with a new 16" MBP, so if that idea interests you, wait. Otherwise, with the new refresh, go ahead.

That’s interesting to hear. Are you looking for the larger screen estate? Or a better performance on the go?

I bought an Intel NUC a couple of months ago (which, incidentally, has exactly the same processor as the 13" MBP), and always connect my MacBook to an UltraFine 4K at home, so neither of the said features matter much to me.

Do you have any suggestion on a good way to sell my current machine? I used to prefer Apple’s own trade-in service, but they don’t accept in-store trade-ins for computers, only offer gift card refund (unless you purchase the new device on their website), and their quote ($1090) seems too low as my machine is mint.

It depends where on the planet you’re located. (Your bio link is in Chinese, so … could be anywhere)

I live in the US recently. (But yes, one of my concern is that whether American buyers would like to buy an international variant with additional characters on the keyboard…)

Both screen real estate the better multi-core performance would make podcasts on the road nicer.

The way I see it is there are enough people who are Chinese that might use your keyboard. I’d list it on eBay personally but that’s just me.