Is Leo on Feedly any good?

I am tempted to give Leo a try but there is no trial period and it is not cheap ($8.25 a month , billed annually, cannot even find a monthly plan to test it)

I am currently subscribed to Inoreader pro plan and is happy with that but Leo from Feedly seems interesting concept

Any one have any suggestion or feedback?

I’ve been a happy Feedly Pro+ subscriber for as long as it existed. I recently looked at Inoreader but went back to Feedly after a few days. With that said as background, I think Leo is utterly useless. The recommendations it makes are at best useless, often laughable. The summaries rarely get the gist of a message. The good things are mute filters but you don’t need AI for that. In other words, I think Feedly is great, but if you’re planning to switch to it because of Leo, be prepared for disappointment. Maybe there are areas in which it works better than my interest areas. Looks like they put emphasis on product launches, competitive intelligence, and threat detection, none of which matter to me personally,

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thanks for the feedback. Interested to know what are the Feedly killer features that beat Inoreader ?

Funny. I’ve been looking into my news consumption lately. I only have 8-10 RSS feeds and I use Reeder. It’s great for cutting down on the ads and junk from news sites and looks much better, but it has two issues…

  1. “big” stories don’t rise to the top or have any prominence. So if a major event happens (eg war in Ukraine gets underway) — a story that big wouldn’t necessarily be at the top. It might be 34th in a list of 200 NY Times articles. I could miss it. I know this is a “feature” for some as the algorithm doesn’t feed you particular stories, but I’d like some kind of ranking or importance for me.

  2. the firehose of constant articles can feel overwhelming at times. I’d rather just check once every few days and get the highlights instead of scrolling through long lists of articles.

I had looked at Leo today but good or not, I wasn’t paying $100+ a year for it.

What else did make you decide to go for Pro+ instead of Pro then?

(I have lifetime Pro and have considered upgrading to Pro+ for Leo, but was not sure it’s worth it - so interested in this discussion).

Can you use Leo only on their web site / App?
Or also in third-party Apps like Reeder?

It was more the other way around for me. I didn’t see anything in Inoreader that seemed like an improvement over the tool I’m used to, and I like the way Feedly presents feeds (font choices/layout) more than Inoreader.