Is Mac mini (2018) Capable of Driving Two 4K Monitors at 60 fps Simultaneously?

I’m considering buying a Mac mini to use at my office, replacing the Windows laptop assigned to me by our IT department. I already have an external display — the older generation LG 4K UltraFine — but plan to buy another 4K resolution display to compensate for the lost screen estate after I abandon the laptop.

However, I’m worrying about the relatively bad performance of the Mac mini’s integrated graphic chip. I have heard about it being incapable of pushing high resolution displays at the full refreshing rate. I do have tried it at my local Apple Store, where it was connected to an LG 4K display, and seemed to be fine during my test. But I don’t know whether it would still be the case with one more 4K display to drive and with a heavier workload.

Does anyone have the experience of using Mac mini 2018 with two 4K monitors? Can it handle them at 60 fps properly? At the office I mainly use Office apps with multiple browser tabs opened side by side.

Apple claims Mac Mini can do two SST 4k monitors (

Driving two (even three) displays at 60 Hz is possible according to the MacTracker app:

This is consistent with the Mac mini specs on Apple’s website:

…and is what I would expect. 30 Hz is pretty much unusable in my experience.

I run two Dell U2415 Displays on my mac mini 2018. System preferences tells me that they are running at 59Hz . They work well and without problems. I didn’t want one big screen, hence the x2 monitor arrangement.

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