Is MacPilot safe?

I have MacPilot with SetApp and I love tweaking my system, so I would love to use it, but… coming from the Windows side, those tools tend to corrupt things and it’s safer to keep a vanilla system.
I was wondering if MacPilot was okay to use - any horror stories to share and should I refrain from playing with it?

I used MacPilot for years, even upgraded a year ago. But I no longer use it, partly because I was finding I was instead using Onyx and Deeper (free from Titanium Software), and partly because my system unaccountably froze the last time I used MacPilot (which had never happened before).

Never lost anything using it.


Yes, I think it’s relatively safe. I believe the current version has a system that allows you to basically save a “known good” set of preferences that you can restore if things go haywire.

I’ve used MacPilot for ages, and I prefer it compared to Cocktail, Onyx, and the others that do similar things.

It is possible to do something weird to your system? Yes.

But macOS has nothing like the Windows Registry, so even if something did go wacky, it probably would not effect much.

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Thank you very much, will fiddle away :+1: