Is Marco Polo malware?

There is an app called Marco Polo for Mac and iOS that offers asynchronous exchange of videos. The idea is you can send a short video to a friend or family member at any time without their having to be immediately available, as in FaceTime. Seems like a great idea and apparently it is immensely popular.

But, there have been reports that it hijacks your contacts and sends invitations to download the app to everyone, without your permission. The app is still available in the iOS app store, but NOT in the Mac app store, which is suspicious.

Does anyone have concrete evidence that the app is a bad egg? I’ve been looking around and have not found anything definitive except reports of a problem like this in 2016 with the Android version of the app, which sound to me as if someone got a copy of it and inserted nasty code into it.

I’ve installed it and have yet to have any reports from any of my contacts that they’ve received messages I didn’t send.

That would initially depend on the credibility and evidence of the accusers. Who are they? What are the reports you refer to?

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I’ve been using it for video chats with my brother. No other contacts are reporting getting anything from Marco Polo.

I’ve been using it and haven’t had any problems. It does incessantly ask you to add your contacts or send them videos but it hasn’t done anything without my permission