Is Monterey currently ready for production machines?

Focus mode would be nice.
How much can Monterey change in the four days until release?
Is it reliable for you?

On this week’s Upgrade Jason Snell said that aside from Shortcuts, he’s found Monterey very stable.


Totally depends on your workflow and applications. Check around on the sites of your key tools to see what they say for Monterey.

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It’s been reliable for me since the early betas.

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I’d echo that apart from Shortcuts it’s been very stable for me. There’s one or two apps that are not quite Monterey ready, but those are outliers and not critical for my workflow. But, as @ismh say it all depends on your workflow and applications/

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Thanks all!

I installed on my laptop, and in initial testing, so far so good.
Even matlab (aka. get off my lawn) is working.

I do love the purple color palette they’re using.
And the focus modes.

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