Is My Mac Studio Running Slow?

Hi Gang,

I’m running the following Mac Studio with an Apple M1 Ultra, 128 gb ram, and 2tb drive (with room). It seems to run slow at times. More so when I’m using Safari. I did run CleanMyMac, Onyx (love Onyx), rebooted, etc.


I go to the Activity Monitor when things are acting odd. Check your CPU use. If its high what app is using it the most. Also check the Memory usage and see if anything is hogging the memory.


I would take a look onto the internet connection.
And what exactly do you mean with „slow“?!

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Is Safari slow or the rest of the system?

Try disabling extensions.

I do that too and stop big CPU programs; still have the issue.

Similar to @Ulli mentioned, what do you mean by “slow”? Is it app startup time, web page load time, input latency, file I/O speed (e.g copying files)?

If the main pain point is in Safari, disabling extensions and then re-enabling 1 by 1 is always a good option assuming you use them. For example, I have extensions which triple the startup time of safari, but the utility they provide is sufficient.

Do you have any anti-malware software running on the machine as well? Those are notorious for making computers feel sluggish.

What I usually do next is to run an Ookla Speed test to check my internet connection. Then try a different browser like “Orion.”

I’ve found to be great. It uses the Netflix network which has a ton of great peers.

What kind of extensions do you have loaded in Safari? They can cause all kinds of problems.

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