Is nano texture worth it?

Hey folks,

Do any of you have any experience with nano texture displays? What are your thoughts? Does it make text appear softer? I’ve ordered a glossy and a nano Studio Display to reserve a spot in line and plan on cancelling one of them. I’d love some advice. Thanks!

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We have the nano texture XDR displays in my work studio. Compared to my 14” MacBook Pro the image does appear a bit clouded.

However, the studio is a bright environment with lots of light and the nano screen is incredible at deflecting this light. My MacBook looks awful with the level of light in the studio compared to the XDRs. It’s definitively worth it if you cannot avoid working with lighting reflecting on the screen.

My home office had only one window behind the screen so I’ve gone for the non-nano.

Yes, but he and I have disagreed many times over the years, so I’d love opinions from other folks.

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Sounds like it’s great in extreme situations but not worth it as much otherwise?

If you aren’t in a bright environment, I would say it’s not worth it.

The studio I mentioned is in a glass skyscraper, so it’s bright most of the day.

I have had issues a couple times where glare in my office is bad enough to become a deal breaker. But it’s rare, and my desk is on wheels, so I usually just spin it. It’s probably not worth the loss in colour saturation or perceptual sharpness for me is my guess.