Is Networking over Thunderbolt possible. If not how do you get to 10Gb

See below, Affordable 10Gb Ethernet Switch.

Price not too bad but I guess you have to buy the Adapters for cat 8 cable.

I have 4 devices I would love to get to 10Gb.

I’ll have to find out if the QNAP 453 has a Ethernet card you can switch out.

Mac has Thunderbolt 4 ports which supports 40gbs I need to check how to get that to 10Gb Ethernet, probably a hub.

** Can anyone recommend a hub that supports thunderbolt 4 and 10 Gb ethernet**

Or… I wonder if you could just network over Thunderbolt?

I have a thunderbolt 3 card in my PC and it would be great to plug-in three thunderbolt devices into a hub that would act like a ethernet switch.

The thunderbolt standards website has instructions on how to network over thunderbolt. Machine to Machine. I wonder if M1 Mac Mini could then provide routing out to Ethernet

On my M1 Mac Mini I have a locally attached OWC Raid drive. It could replace the QNAP as a file server.

MikroTik 5-Port Desktop Switch, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port, 4 SFP+ 10Gbps Ports (CRS305-1G-4S+IN)
Learn more:

There’s a lot to unpack here. In no particular order.

You don’t need cat 8 for 10G. Cat 8 is for 25G - 40G. You can reliably run 10G over
cat 6 cable (I do) at it’s rated distance of 55 meters. I have also been able to cheat
and get a few more feet…

You need a 10G Ethernet adapter to get 10G Ethernet. The Thunderbolt ports are
external interfaces to your internal PCI bus. You have to plug something in to them.

Yes, you can network 2 Thunderbolt ports together. You can also use speaker wire
and connect 2 serial ports together. :slight_smile: This does not provide a routable network

The Microtik switch you referenced has SFP+ ports, this is FIBER. If you want
copper ports (Cat 6, 7) then you are looking for a 10GBASE-T interface on your
10G switch. Looks like the QNAP either has, or will accommodate a 10GBASE-T
adapter. In which case, the Microtik switch has the “wrong” ports for you, unless
you want to include a fiber media converter box (10GBASE-T to SFP+)

Don’t do it. Take a look at your distances and use cat 6 and 10GBASE-T


There do appear to be adapters for TB to 10GB ethernet:

It would appear that this is an expensive proposition, but if you have need for that speed of networking…

If your sole purpose is sharing files to one computer, you could do TB to TB between the Mac mini and one other machine, but to my knowledge there is no way to “hub” TB connections as you can for ethernet, so TB networking is point to point. I would expect you could use the Mini as a gateway for any other computer connected to it.

Depending on your needs, you might be better off just connecting via these Thunderbolt to 10GB ethernet bridges to the switch you referenced. Your outgoing connection from your house is probably not more than 1GB, so you can uplink from the switch to your router.