Is opening Day One templates with Keyboard Maestro(KM) Possible?

Current Process
I have a Journaling macro for Keyboard Maestro that hides windows, plays some calm music, and opens the Day One app in front.

So far so good, I want to take it a step further.

Day One Templates
I use Day One templates that are time-of-day specific. ie I have a template for a Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Late Night entry, based on the time I am writing the journal entry.

If I journal in the morning, I mostly talking about yesterday as I haven’t had time to do or experience anything in the current day. In evening, I’m mostly talking about what I did that day and what I plan on doing tomorrow since it’s close to bedtime.

Keyboard Maestro Part
I’d love to have a KM confict menu that lets me choose which template I want to use , or logic in the macro the looks at the current time of day and uses the appropriate template.

Is this possible? I tried to automate as much as I can, and this would let me focus my thoughts on Journalling as opposed to navigating application menus.

I’m using Day One classic on MacOS 11 with KM 9.2.

The DayOne templates are in the menubar: File > New from Template, so you do something like this:

Have a “time of day” trigger for each template.

If you want something broader – like “open this template if it’s between 7:00 AM and noon” then set up the conditional described here:


I assume you mean by ‘Day One Classic’ you mean that you are using “Day One but not with a subscription” rather literally the app named “Day One Classic” (which I don’t believe has templates):

This is the app icon for "Day One Classic”:

…which reports itself as version 1.10.6 and has not been updated since 2016 (but still does seem to run on Big Sur!)

This is the app icon for “Day One”:

…which reports itself as version 6.0. and was most recently updated on 16 Mar 2021.

As far as the original question goes…

If I was trying to do this, I would probably use a conflict palette unless there are very specific times (i.e. before noon / noon-5:00pm / after 5:00pm) and you’d rather have them auto-select.

Both are possible, so it’s mostly which you would prefer.

There’s also DayOne Plus – which I have – that resulted when Bloom switched to subscriptions and legacy users at that time were given “Plus”, which has some of the Premium features but no subscription. Although we can change from Plus to a Premium subscription if we want. Anyway, Plus includes templates.

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This does exactly what I needed , thanks! I initially entered the menu / submenu items manually , but then I noticed the “Menu” drop down on the right side. Amazingly, you can navigate the menus of other applications with that, and it will popup the menu items for you based on your selection.

That is very slick!

Consider this question as “Solved.”