Is Overcast broken?

So I am frustrated with the podcast episodes still being displayed on in my queue despite me selecting that they are removed after listening.

The used to be removed. :man_shrugging:t5:

Is anyone else suffering with this issue? It’s super annoying and of course there are no answers anywhere.

I haven’t seen this problem in overcast myself but the best thing to do would be to hit Send Feedback in the app’s settings if you’re having problems. The second best thing would be to ping Marco on Twitter via @overcastfm.

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Just checked and my Overcast install seems fine on all devices. All episodes deleted after completion. Maybe you can do an uninstall - reboot - install and see if that fixes it? If not; I’d send Marco a request for help, that’ll probably fix it soon enough

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Have you tried flipping tabs between “Unplayed” and “All” a time or two to see if that sheds the spurious episodes?

Lately I am having similar problems where it keeps playing a previous podcast despite starting a new one.
The other problem is that Overcast is having a hard time switching to different BT speakers.

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All regular here. I’d try @JKoopmans ‘s advice (maybe a simple reboot before uninstalling and reinstalling)

I thought this was going to be about the UI issues – the same pane sliding over twice, buttons to play or view info about an episode not appearing right away, etc. I love the features but something is wrong under the hood.

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Listening to Marco on the last couple of episodes of ATP, he’s gearing up to do an app rebuild using SwiftUI, but this won’t be out until winter 2021 at the earliest. However, I can see in TestFlight that he’s begun to address some nagging bugs with some regularity (two builds in the last few weeks), so it sounds like help is on the way. I’m not experiencing any of the bugs listed here other than a sluggish Apple Watch app, so I guess I’m lucky…

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I’ve done both and until you guys taking with me about it it has fallen on death ears. :weary:

I’ve reinstalled recently and it didn’t fix it sadly.

Yes, but no effect sadly.

Does it happen for all podcasts, or only for some?

If only for some: can you check the per podcast setting for “delete episode”?
That could be set to “manually” or “24 Hours after completion”, though the latter should then delete them after one day so that seems unlikely.

Or happens for all podcasts :smirk:

Does the 24 hours after completion option work?

What does the per podcast setting for deletion say? Is that perhaps set to “Manual” somehow?

No. I’ve checked that too

wow, that’s no fun!
I think then your best bet is to get in touch with Marco.

Tried that many times. No response :weary:

Still struggling with this.

Thinking of trying out a different podcast player instead at this point.

I have recently switched to Pocket Casts and ditched Overcast with no regrets. Marco Arment is an opinionated developer, and I respect that, but he should take care to be reactive to his support requests and interactions with his customers, which he is really not compared to many other indie houses.


Thank you for that and I’m glad that you specifically mention pocket casts as I’ve been very interested to have a look at that. One of the main reasons is because there is Sonos integration (which there isn’t for overcast) and I would love to be able to push it around my house with less hassle than I do now.

So you recommend pocket casts by the sounds of it?