Is PDFExpert / Readdle abandoned / defunct?

Had a rather serious glitch with PDFExpert and sent a support email. No reply after three separate attempts over a week or so. I keep getting their onboarding emails telling me to reach out if I have any problems, and I have - but no reply.

Any idea if this software is abandoned?

I was really looking for some software that was more functional than Preview, and with PDFPen being acquired PDFExpert was the most logical choice. I was pretty much ready to spend the money if they could figure out what the problem was with my situation. :slight_smile:

That’s weird. I haven’t interacted with them recently but I believe they are generally reasonable at replying. They were active on Twitter as recently as today. PDF Expert itself was updated a month ago, according to the App Store.

PDF Expert is probably the best general-purpose PDF app on macOS/iOS. PDF Viewer is close but doesn’t have the same actual editing capacities.


This update showed up on my iPad today (July 29) so it is actively being developed.