Is replacing Omnifocus 3 with Reminders feasible for simple tasks?

I reviewed my Omnifocus “projects” and it turns out almost all of my projects are single tasks that are either one time or repeating.

I have maybe 1 or 2 Projects that are a groups of tasks to achieve an overall goal. I use OF exclusively for my personal tasks, so no work-related items in there. No one else sees my tasks, just me.

In most cases, each tasks meets the goal by itself. One and done, if you will.

Knowing this and given the recent updates to Apple Reminders, would moving all of my tasks to Omnifocus makes sense? I already use reminders for some tasks, like a shopping list.

This change would make Apple Reminders my primary task manager, and OF might stay around in case I start on a complex project. Not likely. It hasn’t happened in 6 years, it’s probably not going to happen!

Thanks for reading and for your feedback.

OF is massive overkill for lots of people, and can become a chore in itself.

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Sounds like you’re okay to stop using OF unless you repeat based on completion date (I don’t think this is in Reminders yet) or do much with tags.

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I believe the reverse is true. Reminders always repeats based on completion. OF by default repeats on the cycle you specify whether you complete the task or not (unless you specify on completion).

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Sounds like you could move things over. But if OF is working well for you and not causing friction, and assuming you bought it outright instead of using it as a subscription, is there a reason to move?

Maybe building it out, or moving part of your system into reminders, would give you a better feel for how it would handle what you do before you commit to anything.

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OF never worked for me. It always seemed too complicated and I ignored it most of the time. It was a long 5 almost 6 year experiment of me trying to make it work. It’s time to move on.


Are there any tools to migrate tasks from OF to Reminders? I have the projects recreated on Reminders, there are a lot of tasks to move!

Also see

I found a script for importing tasks from a text file. it was six years old but it worked.

set theFileContents to (read file “Users::Downloads:reminders.txt”)
set theLines to paragraphs of theFileContents
repeat with eachLine in theLines
tell application “Reminders”
set mylist to list “Inbox”
tell mylist
make new reminder at end with properties {name:eachLine}
end tell
end tell
end repeat

You might need to change the path, especially username to your actual username.