Is TextExpander 5 for Mac ( non-subscription) compatible with Catalina?

I plan to migrate from Mojave to Catalina in the near future. (Yes, I’ve been hitting that “Remind me tomorrow” button since forever …) I’m currently using TextExpander v5, which is the non-subscription stand-alone version for macOs. Does anyone know if this version is compatible with Catalina? Although this version is still for sale on the Smile Software website, it comes with the following disclaimer:

TextExpander v5 (Mac only) has not been tested on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and we cannot guarantee full functionality. The last officially supported macOS for TextExpander v5 was macOS 10.12.

Since I only use TextExpander on my Mac and don’t make much use of its more powerful features, I won’t move to the subscription model if it’s not compatible with Catalina—I’ll just migrate to another solution that meets my rather straightforward needs. However, I would like to get that migration completed before I update if the update is going to kill Text Expander 5.

Does anyone know if the Mac stand-alone version is compatible with Catalina?

Apology first because my answer is not quite what you’re looking for, but allow me to mention Espanso. It’s a free, open source text expander.

Honestly a bit surprised nobody’s mentioned it in here.

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Yes, it will work. I’ve even tested it on Big Sur and it works there. So it seems to have survived the 64-bit transition.

I suspect that if it ever stops working completely, they will not hesitate to say so.

I’ve tried aText which is good, but I have settled on Typinator as a TextExpander replacement. I think it’s actually better (feature-wise) than TextExpander, which hasn’t had a meaningful update in years, at this point.


Thanks - aAlways happy to get an app recommendation. I’ll tuck it away in case I have to migrate to another solution.

Many thanks! I may check out Typinator anyway …