Is the Photomyne app any good?

Has one one used the Photomyne app? I’m looking to scan in old photos to my library this one does a lot of AI adjustments and something just rubs me the wrong way with the security and privacy aspects. Do I have anything to worry about or am I overreacting?

I have used it.

What particular privacy concerns do you have?

I think it depends what you want to use it for. I used it to scan 30 year old photos from a couple of albums. It would have taken ages via my scanner. They were from a Kodak Instamatic, so not great quality to start with, but I got a sharable album pretty quickly. If you want quality scans then I think you will need to stick with a real scanner.

My problems with it is even though I am on a sub with them (I think I have been grandfathered in to a much cheaper yearly sub) I still get pop ups trying to upsell me. They are also one of the those developers with several versions of what appears to be the same or similar apps, just very confusing.

I have it and it works . . .ok. Have a summer project to take pictures out of scrapbooks and I plan to try this:

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My biggest concern is that I don’t recognize the company the app is under and don’t want to be uploading all my old photos to a cloud a I don’t turst. Just something about the app makes my spidey senses go off. All my worries may be unjustified and that’s why I wanted to hear from you in the group, to get others experiences.

I know what you mean.

My experience has been that the cloud is reliable, I have had no problems, no scamming or other nefarious activity. Having said that I have only put up a few albums, nothing overly personal and I have backs ups of everything.

The scans are OK, but they definitely feel a bit soft. I guess there are some ways to get them sharper. I don’t like the fact they have a number of apps for similar activities.

On the positive side getting a cloud album from a real physical album was quick and very easy. They do have a web interface, which is quite nice. My sub is £9 per year, so not too bad.

Their website is very good, they have financial disclosure and a spot on GDPR policy. So I don’t have any worries there.

If you had the patience you could photograph with your phone or camera, crop and edit and put the results up on Flickr or smugmug - but Photomyne is quick and easy - but not quite the miracle the advertising seems to imply.

Hope that helps

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It does. I appreciate it.