Is the third public beta still crazy pants?

Two biggest issues for me are:

  1. OS crashes every now and then.
  2. Some Third party apps just don’t function in some way or completely (Agenda, iA Writer, etc)

Other than this I have it on both phone and 2 iPads. No iCloud syncing issues (which I use exclusively) or data loss (that I have noticed).

(Public Beta 3)

I’ve been having problems with the share sheet on Beta 3. Turns out I really use the share sheet a lot.

Plus Devon Technologies is warning that using the beta could corrupt databases, and my whole life is in DevonThink now.

So I’ve got B3 running on my iPad, which I mainly only use for reading and social media. But I’m keeping it off my phone.

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For me TextExpander is completely forked up. Hoping for an app update soon!

I’m finding the share sheet and saving to Instapaper unreliable.

The new share sheet is absolutely nuts. And will take a LOT of time to get used to.
WAY to complicated and difficult to manage