Is the trigger "Ctrl Opt Cmd Delete" reserved?

I wanted to use Ctrl Opt Cmd Delete as my Obsidian trigger to “delete paragraph.” However, nothing happens when I try to have Obsidian record this combination. Keyboard Maestro doesn’t respond to it either.

I thought maybe Karabiner Elements was interfering, and then noticed it’s no longer in my menu bar. Maybe it doesn’t show on my new M1 MacBook Air? However, Activity Monitor shows it running–even though it’s not in my user login items. And my hyper key still works.

Very confounding. Ideas?


I noticed that Control-Option-Command-Delete stopped working for me when I upgraded to macOS 12.3. I was previously using this keyboard combo to run a Keyboard Maestro macro that empties the Trash.

I did a little digging and found the following in an Apple Support article.

There isn’t any obvious way to change this Universal Control shortcut, so I changed my Keyboard Maestro hotkey trigger.

I hope this helps!


Thanks. I knew it must have been held out for something else!


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