Is there a drawer-like app for a single user learning projects?

I’m hoping some of you might have a suggestion of an app, or way of working, where I can keep everything associated with a single app I’m trying to learn, in one place. For example, if I was to try to learn Devonthink, I’d like a place where all of my tutorial docs, YouTube videos, online classes links, practice documents, and folders, are all accessible in a way that is separate from something else I’m trying to learn…for example Spanish. Does this kind of thing exist? In my mind, I picture something like a cabinet with many drawers, and when I want to learn a single topic that day, everything I need is in that one drawer. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Look at Curio. Great for visual planning (there is a good MPU thread). Hookmark is useful for creating links to resources.

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Both of those - Curio and Hookmark - look awesome… :pray:…thank you so much for the suggestions!
(So glad I have a ScreenCastsOnline subscription, and they are both there!) :+1: