Is there a good app that offers a better YouTube experience?

I am looking for a YouTube client that will give me the Apollo for reddit experience, any suggestions?


My understanding is that Youtube’s APIs make this kind of impossible these days. I believe (but someone check me on it) that it’s because of the way that they want to:

  1. Serve dynamic advertising
  2. Ensure the algorithm and tracking is working at its full potential to keep you engaged
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Depending on how you use Youtube, their might be. Admittedly channel subscription is only a narrow slice of the Youtube experience, but when I started using RSS to subscribe to channels in my feed reader of choice and stopped visiting all together, my experience was 10x better.

Of course, channel subscription is the only slice of Youtube I care about, and I may be in the minority.

Some Safari extensions make it less awful. Baking Soda and Vinegar are the ones I use. Most of they help a bit.

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I have tried using RSS to subscribe and it works fine as a means to notify my of new videos being available. Except that to watch a video I still need to visit the page for the specific video. Ideally, I could just watch the video in my RSS reader without visiting at all. Maybe some readers do this? After all I tried this with NewNewsWire which never loads the linked content but only the RSS content for any item.

I know there are save-for-later apps which can download videos, but I don’t want to watch it later, I want to watch it right now and then move on to the next item in my feed.

Ah yes, I suppose functionality for this must depend on your preferred feed reader. I use Reeder, and this is what I get:

I forget where I saw this trick: find a video you want to watch and replace “youtube” in the url with “yout-ube” (I use Keyboard Maestro for this.) viola!