Is there a great "selection" plug-in for Photoshop (like Corel KnockOut")?

Hi everyone.

Who remembers Corel “KnockOut”?

I think I had and used it for 6 months before a computer I had crashed and then I could not find the software to reinstall it.

Does something similar exist today?

I’ve Googled the idea of buying it again and trying to plug it into some old software (I looked for “Does Corel Knockout still work?” and that got mixed results).

It was FANTASTIC at replacing the “magic lasso,” etc. and selecting complex figures, people, etc. with uncanny accuracy.

What do you all use?

I am all thumbs when it comes to selecting complex items in Photoshop.

This might as well be a video of me attempting to use “magic lasso” in Photoshop and I love Photoshop!

Any thoughts and recommendations?



P.S. Looks like I can get an open-box ver. of KnockOut for about $12 on Amazon. … Build a low-power computer and load Win95 and lots of old software? :wink:

I would have recommended Fluid Mask but devs still haven’t made it a 64-bit app (they keep saying they’re working on it) so it won’t run under Catalina.

I just watched a YouTube video the other day where they used the “select subject” function in photoshop, I wasn’t aware of that function until then. it does seem to work by magic.

They go through the full studio shoot first, the photoshop part & select subject ‘demo’ is about the 7 minute mark.

Looks like there’s ways to add and subtract from the selection but they don’t go into how to do that in this particular video.

Maybe what you’re after?

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Quite cool. Thanks!

That’s a relatively new feature. I had to search online, “select subject” was added in 2018 (my CS5 was released in 2010 :frowning: ). … However, I had never seen the quick select tool (which CS5 has!); so thank you again.

Will eventually upgrade. Sigh

I’m still running Mojave because CS5 will stop working (along with a lot of my other software) with Catalina. … Will probably make a sep. bootable drive (and take out all the things that will synch with and mess up my day-to-day apps) w/ my current configuration; then wipe and load Catalina someday.

Had to do that with my phone about two updates ago (it got “stuck” and bricked itself and all we could do at the Apple store, after three attempts, was wipe it clean and not restore from a backup). – I was amazed by how many apps I didn’t need to reload!! I’m sure the same will be true with my Mac.

Thanks again!


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You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Photoshop is so huge that for whatever you want to do; there’s usually about 3 different ways of doing it.

The photographers package (LR & PS) is a fairly economical way of staying current with the latest versions.

Hope the Mac update goes smoother than the phone update!

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Me too!

(It will … I have great faith!)

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