Is there a platform that's becoming the alternative to Tumblr?

I know the Tumblr thing has a lot of people rather irritated, both SFW and NSFW accounts alike. Is there some new social / microblogging platform where people are going to as they flee Tumblr?

In some cases Mastodon instances, private and public (eg pawoo). Sites like and other self-hosted communities and image boards for the types of porn etc that people like. (Google it yurself’)

When LiveJournal cleaned house of porn, people moved to Tumblr. So it goes.

My understanding is that it’s not just the porn users that are leaving - it’s a lot of other people who are cranky that Tumblr has decided their job is to be content police.

Even if you’re building a blog on somebody else’s platform, and it’s obvious that the “somebody else” has the right to police things, it’s still disconcerting.

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It was/is kind of a big confusing mass of garbage anyway, IMO. Cranky people on the internet, Quelle surprise. People who are unaffected will mostly stay put. For non-porno cranks who don’t way to pay for their hosting and fun Reddit’s still around (porn is actually pretty available there), so are the numberchans, plus even private Facebook and Instagram groups, not to mention content-specific sites ranging from foot fetishes to steroidal gym-bros. Water finds its own level, but the streams are more limited for those who want what they want as long as it’s free. (shrug)

I’ve seen crackdowns on “adult content” before,, tvtropes, livejournal,… It has happened before and it will happen again

Six years agoit was reported that 11% of the top 200,000 most visited Tumblr websites were porn, and Tumblr received 22% of their traffic from porn websites. If that changed it probably leaned more heavily toward the porn, meaning execs at Verizon simply decided they didn’t want to be in that business… not that being in the Tumbleblog business was a moneymaker to begin with.

I think we can expect the Tumblr users who leave to go to multiple other platforms. Are their particular blogs you follow, or some community you are a member of? If so, watch them or confer with them to find where everybody ends up.

I’ve been through this kind of thing before, not in NSFW bans but in platforms shutting down. Generally, members disperse to multiple places. Sucks to break up the band, but then you end up making new friends on the new platforms.

Tumblr is large enough that I expect there are 10s or hundreds of thousands of individual communities, and every one of them is going to make its own decision.

Ha, a friend pointed out to me that just hours after Tumblr announced it was kicking out the porn, a Tumblr-images-sucker Mac app just dropped from $6 to $3.