Is there a Podcast RSS aggregator that filters all episodes based on keywords in titles/show notes?

Hello MPUs,

as already mentioned in another thread, I’m getting less and less fond of some of the relay hosts. Some host’s opinions are not reflected or unbiased enough to be worth my time listening to episodes in which they appear anymore.

Obviously, I’ve already unsubscribed from a lot of relay podcasts, but guest appearances on other shows that I still value catch me by surprise often enough. Sure, manual deletion of the episode is what I default to right now, but I wouldn’t be a power user if automation didn’t cross my mind. :wink:

That made me wonder, whether there is some form of podcast RSS aggregator in which I can add all the individual RSS feeds and have it filter titles and show notes for a set of specific keywords, such as the host’s names or Twitter handles. The filtered result could then be aggregated to a new filtered RSS feed, which I can subscribe to in any podcast player of my choice.

Maybe this already exists, but I have just searched for it using the wrong keywords.
I would be very thankful for any suggestions on how else a service like this could be described.

Thanks a lot in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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You might want to play with an rss filtering service like feedrinse, and then pipe the output to your podcatcher or choice.

Though overcast makes it pretty easy to select podcast episodes individual to listen to, postpone or delete. And Castro is even easier — it’s designed for episode prioritization.

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Wow! I did not know this existed. :ok_hand:
So far this works very well, if the term/name you want to filter the feed for are contained in the blog posts meta data (post, title, body, author, tag).

Sadly Feedrinse has no option to set up filters for the podcast relevant XML tags, such as: <itunes:author> ... </itunes:author>

I guess there is no hope in waiting for Feedrinse 2.0, since their announcement is from 2015.

Tiny Tiny RSS has filtering capabilities. It’s self-hosted and install can be a bear, but there’s also a hosted version.

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You can also do filtering with Inoreader. Create a folder for your podcast individual RSS feeds, set rules for the feeds, and then activate the option to generate an RSS feed for the folder as a whole.