Is there a tagging software you'd recommend?

So I’m getting into tagging, and wondering if there is an app/software that could assist in my “tagging adventure.”

I’ve looked around and it’s a confusing tagging world out there!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Good timing. I am reorganizing my music library right now and want to ensure that things like the Artist and Composer tags are set correctly. Haven’t been sure which app is best.

Are you talking about files? Can someone explain the benefits of tags over folders? I understand it within a note taking app but not really anywhere else.

Oh, I assumed that he was talking about music tags since I though that most file tagging is done in the finder and I am in the middle of trying to choose an app to set ID3 tags, etc. in my music.

The benefit for multiple file tags (I don’t use file tags) is like all tags, the fact that you can have multiple tags on a single file. So instead of trying to figure out whether a file should go into the Travel Folder or the Skiing Folder you can put both tags on the file “travel” and “skiing” and then it doesn’t matter where you put it. You can put everything into a single folder for that matter and have smart folders for travel and skiing which point to the same file.


If indeed it is music tags, but I don’t think so,
I have used mp3tag for years.
(Wine version included for macOS)

Works great, mp3, wma, you name it.

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I was talking about files,not music. I should have stated that…but the convo on tagging music is a good one!

Is there an app like mp3tag for files?

While I’m sure there are, I just use Finder.

Select the file you want to tag, Finder -> Get Info
and type away in the top text box.


If you want to systematically tag files based on their preexisting attributes, look at Hazel.

Re benefits of tags over folders … Full disclosure: I do a little tagging and then find I don’t use 'em.

With folders, the file exists in one place and that place only.

Tags are sort of like virtual folders in that you can “tag” the file with many tags and the file will appear to be in all those that “tag” (think folder) regardless of one folder location.

For example, you store your budget spreadsheet in the file ~\home\budget\2019\budget.xlsx. The file exists in only that one location.

If you tag the file “Budget”, “2019”, “Money”, … then when you look at say the tag “Money” the file will show up.

Someone else mentioned using Hazel to add tags based on rules. A great way to go. I go there. But I have to say my “muscle memory” is such that I don’t pay much attention to tags except in exceptional circumstances.

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The benefits of tagging are broadly speaking in improved search.

So lets say you have client projects. Each project has a folder, everything for that project goes in the folder.

A folder will contain multiple PDF files. One’s training material, ones an invoice, one’s a saved email.

You tag the invoice one with the tag ‘invoice’.

At the end of the month you need to process your invoices. You can search for all the docs tagged invoice and created in the last 30 days, and see each invoice from all your project directories.

Just one super simple example.

People often do the same kind of thing with file names, but tagging is more robust.

You can also use tags to indicate state. It’s better to use a process of tag addition rather than removal, so if your documents go through a draft stage then become final, you can tag a document with ‘final’ so you know that it is complete. Or ‘processed’, or ‘paid’, ‘deferred’, whatever.

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To return to the OP’s Q, this command line tool is invaluable: