Is there a Thunderbolt 3 KVM for 5K displays?

I have the LG 5K display as a second monitor for my iMac. I also have a macbook pro that I sometimes wish to connect to the 5K display. Is there a KVM switch that I could use to switch the display between the two computers rather than having to move a wire each time I want to move the monitor?

Assuming the monitor has multiple inputs, you could connect to both, then use the monitor to switch between inputs.

I have LG 4K displays and they can do things like display one computer on one side of the monitor, and another computer on the other side. Their app can also switch a keyboard and mouse between computers as you move from one computer to the other on the display.

Thanks John, the LG 5K display I have only has the thunderbolt 3 plug plus a few USB C connectors. No buttons or controls on the monitor itself. It’s the one that was on the Apple Store a few years ago

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