Is there a way to force universal control?

Hey y’all! Is there a way to force sidecar to recognize an additional computer nearby? Sometimes it’s automagic and other times it’s frustratingly stubborn. Rebooting seems to work but not always and is a pain.


Sidecar was so promising… I gave up on sidecar upon having frequent dropped connections while using it. I don’t know what magic is Apple trying to apply but I guess that the bare minimum to recognise a computer is to be logged into the same iCloud account and the same wifi network, not sure if bluetooth is required.

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In giving up, have you come up with an alternative? I only want to share keyboard and mouse. The displays can be the individual computers.

You use universal control? Sorry if I misunderstood what you were asking. :grinning:

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Used the wrong word! Universal control is what I’m trying to activate.

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In the Display settings, do you have this checked?

I have not discovered a secret sauce for this. I love Universal Control and use it daily but every couple weeks it barfs. Sometimes just for minutes, more often a couple hours. Eventually it begins working again but I’ve yet to see a pattern.

I assume you do not have a keyboard and-or mouse that can connect to multiple devices, such as the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse? I use it with my work laptop (Windows), my Mac and my iPad. Perhaps updated peripherals are in your future? :slight_smile:

If not, then I’ve used the app Barrier to share a mouse and keyboard with multiple machines. I was pleased with how it worked.

Currently I use Universal Control with my Mac and iPad pretty much daily with no issues. Occasionally it takes a couple of tries to get the mouse from the Mac to the iPad, usually after a reboot, but after that it pretty much just works. Bummer it does not for you.