Is there a way to set the physical location on a Mac?

I have a desktop Mac that is never moved. It is connected to ethernet and has no use for WiFi. However to use any location services (e.g. the new Weather app) I have to turn on WiFi and let it geolocate with whatever sniffing algorithm macOS uses these days. Is there a way to simply set the physical location and have it use that instead?

I don’t have an answer other than to say I just leave WiFi on all the time but I do make sure the Ethernet service is above the Wi-Fi service in Network preferences.


I am not technical enough to provide details. Only thought that the public IP address of your home router should narrow down the location , unless you are connected to VPN?

Not with my ISP. Although they do associate geographic locations with IP addresses the location is often wrong. Mine regularly says I am 400 north of my actual location. Basically they are giving up the location of their Point of Presence not my location. The closest correct part is that I am somewhere in the UK.

Thanks, yea I have that set up the same as well.

Right, that’s another way of geolocating and can be quite inaccurate based on the way the ISP is set up, but I’m trying to avoid any kind of inference at all. Would be great to pick a point on a map and set that, and then any app I’ve authorized for location services can ask for it and get the answer and that’s that.

As far as I understand, there is no way to set a location manually.

just a thought, try this web site and allow location and see what comes up