Is there a YouTube channel for Mac Power Users?

I just spent the last few minutes looking up “Mac Power Users” on YouTube. I know there’s a Twitter account for Mac Power Users, but that’s all I could find:

So, with that said, is there an official YouTube channel for Mac Power Users? If not, I would love to see one be created!

Here you go:

I believe Stephen has a Twitch account too, but I don’t really do Twitch.

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Stephen’s YouTube channel is good, too. I mean, if you’re not watching him identify laptops and iPods blindfolded while his wife keeps score, what are you even doing with your weekend?


Oh yeah, how did I forget that one! That’s a better one than the Relay one.

If we’re being completionists, don’t forget @MacSparky’s Disneyland Resort Field Guide:


How could you forget the dongles one! That was my favorite.


They have a podcast as well if you didn’t know @anon78316750!

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Do they also happen to have a message board?


Yeah, I think it was on Google Plus, or maybe Facebook.

Ah, yes! I should’ve looked there in the first place. After all, Google+ is more popular than Facebook.

Also, up is down, and blue is now green.

Please make a note of it.

In Obsidian of course :joy:

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Interesting idea gang. The problem with making a YouTube channel would be that we’d need to have some video content. I guess we could do the usual podcaster thing where we just point cameras at each other but would anybody actually want to watch that?

Most of time I’m listening to podcasts when I do other things. The YLNT guys did video and I found I never watched it, despite thinking I would love it. The problem is that once there’s a camera on you, your brain will stop thinking in ‘audio’ and you’ll refer to things that are only understandable if you are watching the video, so you can’t just take a video and put the audio up as a podcast.

Occasionally, maybe? Not usually. Maybe for (big) Apple events? That would be fun, and it being unusual would be good, I think.

The other weeks you could do what some shows do — they upload only the audio with a still picture of the artwork as the ‘video’.

There’s even an app that supposedly makes that easier/faster. Myke probably knows what it is. They do it for Coretex because some people apparently like to listen to podcasts on YouTube. Which seems weird to me, but I’m old and out of touch.


He does.

He is is, unsurprisingly, ismh on Twitch:

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Same here. I listen to podcasts when I’m taking a break from screens or when I’m walking on a greenway near my home. But I agree the occasional special might be fun.

Would be great if they do a video podcast… if you want you can listen but also see their reactions or even put some images of what they are talking about like when @MacSparky mentioned that he tapped the drive to the monitors …. Hahaha …

Gang … Stephen and I are looking into this. Stay tuned.


I’m not super interested in a video version of @MacSparky and @ismh in their offices doing the podcast. More interesting would be when times are such that we can do in-person events for them to do a live MPU and do a video version of that for those who can’t be there in person.


I’m not either, but for some reason podcasts on YouTube are still very popular without anything to look at. Hello Internet (RIP) used to just put up a video feed of random objects and would joke about all the views it would get. There is this whole weird world of people who use YT for anything audio.

I am not sure that is MPUs audience, but it’s worth a try.