Is there an "Identify Displays" feature in macOS like there is in Windows?

In Microsoft Windows, there is a feature called “Identify Displays” where each display shows it’s display number with a full screen number. This would be helpful for me because I have 3 displays, and sometimes I need to know which display is which number.

I read in some forum that the display with the Dock is Display 1. Someone else said it’s the display with the menu bar. That knowledge would not be enough since I have 3 displays.

Now, I can drag an application to a Display, and then right-click to get the menu that gives me hint which display it is on ( see attachment).

Is there an easier, more direct way to view display numbers ?

OS: macOS 11.2.3

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I haven’t found an easy way to find that.

This may not be very helpful (or understandable), but I did a little investigating and discovered this:

Keyboard Maestro has a screenvisible() function that you can use when you’re making a macro to move windows around, including moving them to different displays. That function returns the names of connected displays as “Main”, “Second”, and “Third”.

“Main” is the one you’ve designated as main in the Displays preference pane — the one you’ve dragged the little cartoon menubar to in the Arrangement tab of that preference pane. And if you look at the System Report that you get to from “About This Mac” under the Apple menu, whichever display you’ve given that menubar in the Arrangement tab is called “Main Display” in the System Report. So “Main” may actually be the way the system labels that display. (At this point I slap my forehead and ask why they call it “Main Display” in one place and “Display 1” in another.)

In Keyboard Maestro, “Second” is the leftmost of your remaining displays (in other words, all the displays that are not the Main one). And “Third” is the next non-Main screen when counting from left to right.

I don’t know this for a fact, because the Keyboard Maestro instructions don’t state it explicitly, but I’m assuming that “left” in this sense is referring to the one that is situated farthest to the left in that Arrangement tab of the Displays preference pane. I can’t find anything in the System Report that matches that description, though. It only seems to name the Main Display. So I can’t say for sure if “Second” and “Third” are Keyboard Maestro’s own terms or if that’s actual system terminology, perhaps generated by the arrangement in the Displays preference pane, that could somehow (through a script or even Keyboard Maestro) be discovered and used for your information.

I’m inclined to believe that somebody who knows Keyboard Maestro better than I do could figure out a way for you to use KM to call up that information quickly whenever you need it.

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