Is there any way of testing Smart Connector?

That’s bacically it: Is there any way to test if the Smart Connector on my iPad 10.5" is glitching?

I’m having difficulties with my Smart Keyboard. It has more or less stopped working within this last week. I acts like there is a loose connection. Sometimes it works for a short while, but then it stops working again. But before I throw money at a new one (this one is from 2017 when I bought the iPad), I’d like to test if it’s the Smart Connector acting up, and not the keyboard.

Is there some form of diagnostics I could run?

[I’m also considering waiting for iPadOS14 to see if I can use the Scribble feature for all the little things, and then just bring an external keyboard for when I need to write. Does Scribble work for writing URLS, usernames and passwords on websites?]

Smart Connectors can sometimes get a little grimy with use. Have you tried cleaning them (carefully), on both ends?

I should have mentioned, yes, I have tried cleaning both keyboard- and iPad- connectors.
One day I thought it was a battery issue because the iPad was running very low, and the keyboard failed, and then later, when I had some more juice on the iPad, it worked again.
But that has proven wrong. Now it doesn’t make a difference if it’s fully charged and/or charging.

Had the same issue with my 10.5 Pro. Set up and appointment online but it set one up in Best Buy rather than Apple store. I tried one of their keyboards and it worked fine. Bought a new one off eBay which works much better than before still glitches sometimes. So issue is not solved completely.

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Figured. Thanks. We don’t have Beat Buy here in Denmark, but I might be able to make a deal with one of our local Apple Certified dealers.

Had the same issue, and there were breaks in the wiring from flexing where the smart keyboard attaches. The material felt like it had delaminated. Apple replaced it under AppleCare.

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Mine’s 3 years old, so I think it’s well out of any warranty :slight_smile:
I’m okay with buying a new one, if that what it takes. I’d just like to know that it’s not the iPad, witch is also 3 y.o. that’s the issue :slight_smile:

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Yep, I think this is the root cause of the issue. I too have been struggling for the last year or so with a glitchy Smart Keyboard and my oldie (but still goodie otherwise) 10.5” iPad Pro. There will be stretches of weeks and weeks where the keyboard will work flawlessly, and then it’ll decide to stop working. I’ve developed a little maneuver where I gently jostle the right side of the device (when it is in keyboard-attached mode) and it will start working again.

I think there are two ribbon connectors in the keyboard, one right beside the smart connector and one about one inch from the right edge of the keyboard; I think this second ribbon is frayed. I’m also out of warranty so I’m thinking of getting one of the Logitech Combo Touch options to help me stretch this iPad a few more years…


This was released soon after I bought my Logi keyboard. Wish the timing had been a bit different.