Is there any way to customize layout in Apple News?

I’m using Apple News, and I’m really trying to like it. But certain things…

  • The 3-column layout. Especially if you enlarge the text, some headlines end in “…”. Make the screen full-width on the Mac, and I get whitespace at the sides - but still “…” at the end of many headlines. I’d like to at least be able to see the full headline.
  • The “News+” tag on “premium” articles in the list view. It would be fine if I wasn’t paying for it, because that’s a promo for the premium service. But I’m paying Apple for this - and they put that where the article date should be.
  • Fonts. Apple uses a serif font for some periodicals (WSJ in particular) that’s just about unreadable (at least for me) on the phone, and even my iPad Mini. Other publications use a much-more-readable sans-serif font. And oddly enough, if Apple picks up one of those headlines in “Today”, they change the font to sans-serif. But click into the article or view the same headline in the WSJ list view, and it’s the low-x-height serif.

These seem like significant UI fails given that this is a native app from a company that theoretically has some of the best UI/UX people on the planet working for them.

From what I can tell, there’s no way to deal with any of this. Am I missing something?

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Nope. AFAIK you can only select channels and tweak the content with :+1:t3: or :-1:t3:

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As far as fonts, I was under the impression each publisher got to kind of customize their articles. I could be wrong but I thought each publication’s typography (font, leading, margins, etc.) and sometimes image galleries were a little different

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