Is there any way to manually enter lab data into the Health app?

Two years ago my employer decided to change healthcare providers. My current provider appears to offer no way for me to get current lab test results into the Home app. This means that the most current test results stored are two years old. I’ve searched high and low for an answer to this problem without success (seen the question asked many times but no solution). I would totally be happy just to enter the data myself as I can do with other values, but for some reason not with lab results. Anyone else figure this out?

I guess, unfortunately there is no way to add data, that was formerly provided by a healthcare provider, to the Health App.
All categories, where you could add data by yourself do have either on the upper right corner, or in a section labeled “Show all data” (or similar, I have my system running in German) where you could also find a field that says “Add Data”.
If this is missing, you could add new data only from an external healthcare provider.
I had previously an app, where I could enter all that data, but this app was abandoned shortly after Apple startet with Apple Health. It seems that Apple wants to “protect” those data from a “false” entry, but I think they overreact with this, as those data should belong to the user, and therefore the user should be able to enter own data (perhaps with a copy of the Lab result Sheet).
The “Health records” function is even not official available outside of Northern America, and the UK.

That might be one of those Topics, @MacSparky could ask Apple for more information about, and maybe a change in the policy, as I think that it might be of interest for a larger group of people.

I have filed a feedback about this so we shall see what happens.

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