Is there such a thing as a bluetooth repeater, that allows multiple bluetooth headphones to connect to 1 ipad?

We will be on a 10 hour flight in a few weeks, and plan on taking our ipads with movies already downloaded to them. There may be times when my wife and I want to watch the same movie. Is there a device which allows two bluetooth headphones to connect to an ipad at the same time?


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My initial thought would be a standard headphone splitter with a Bluetooth adapter on each. Might be overkill/ugly but should work!

As an aside, I use a Bluetooth adapter on planes when using their entertainment systems and it is amazing! Hate cords! :slightly_smiling_face:

Must be something like what they use for those silent discos these days.

@HobbyCollector’s response interested me so I went looking because I hate cords too. I found this.

DUAL LINK FOR MORE CHOICE: Mow can connect 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time for enjoying your music and won’t miss any calls. Or enjoy music and navigation at the same time.15 HOURS long battery life and also supports playing while charging.

I don’t know if it will meet you’re two receiver needs, but it seems to be worth the effort.


Thanks, I’ll try that. It ships via prime too, so It will arrive in a few days.