Is this a dumb idea?

Hey guys. I decided to try something different. And I don’t know if it’s dumb or not! Ha.

Take a look at this home screen. I started placing apps into folders where they are all the same color. The reason: I generally know what color icon I am looking for when I am trying to quickly get an app open on my phone. So, instead of placing them in groups of the same type, I just got them into color groups. This is day 1, so I will see how happy I feel after a good test. But what I now have is one screen, with a few folders. I put Photos and activity and a few other things in the home screen and not in a folder because I tend to use them often and I wanted a balanced screen! Anyway. It’s

important to experiment, right!


I think this is brilliant!

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If it works for you, it’s not a dumb idea.

Keen to hear feedback in a month’s time :grinning: :+1:

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IIRC CGPGrey used to arrange his homescreen by color. Not in folders but by keeping like colors together and then having kind of a “gradient” progression.

If it works for you, roll with it! I recently changed my homescreen to align with the Upgrade homescreen draft and I’m slowly getting used to it.

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If it works great! I’d like to see how it survives the real word for a while.

My own is positional and the most irritating thing about iOS is that it’s impossible to accurately position icons or leave space between them on any screen. I like positional groups with some open space between similar sets of apps and I can’t do it on myiOS devices. On my main mac I basically work in 3 column view all the time as that’s faster to navigate for me.

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