Is this Mac software deal legit?

Found an ad for this deal:

Has anyone bought anything from there before?
My purpose is MacX DVD ripper, Iโ€™m not keen on the makeMKV+handbrake deal unless there is an Automator script that can turn DVDs into Plex friendly folders :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I Have, They do deliver the software. Sometimes in the bundle they throw one or two crappy app.

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I have as well, on several occasions in the past.

They are a legitimate provider โ€“ never had problems before โ€“ and sometimes have some really good deals available on specific apps (along with others bundled in, that are occasionally more โ€˜fillersโ€™ than anything!).

I have bought several of these bundles. I usually buy for one or two specific apps and the rest are throw ins that are ok too. I just purchased that bundle too. They supply the serial numbers right away with the links for downloading and pasting the serial numbers right in.