Is This Possible With Shortcuts?

I’d love to be able to export a PDF when I save a link to safari to notes. This is explicitly for saving cool design or web page or copywriting ideas I come across and ensure I have a permanent copy.

Raindrop can do this but the permanent copies are not full-proof

Evernote is probably the best at this but as Apple notes in my main notes app I’m trying to see if I can get it all in one shot.

If I understand you correctly, you want to attach a PDF copy of the webpage using Shortcuts automatically when you save the link to Apple Notes.

This is not possible but some workarounds exist:

  1. Build a shortcut like this I just made. Use it in share sheet to copy URL into clipboard while making a PDF copy. The problem is that the “make PDF” action in Shortcuts is slow and worse in quality than directly exporting from Safari.
  2. Print, markup, or full-page screenshot from Safari and save PDF to Notes.
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