Is this what I think it is? (iCloud Phishing?)

Greetings. I could use some help. I suspect phishing. I am still slow at recognizing some of these attempts. I thought I would share images and ask for comments and guidance on how to become a better sleuth.

Thank you

It’s definitely a scam. Apple does not offer 50 GB of iCloud storage for free, nor is there any sort of a ‘loyalty program’. Apple is also not registered in Las Vegas, NV. The links are of course suspicious. Do not click on any links, do not fill out any forms and delete the message.


Straight forward phishing for your credit card details. Delete and block address asap. As dario says too. It actually solicits your credit card. I work on a basis of rejecting anything now and living with false positives regarding scams. Do you see what I mean; one can overthink them. No email that asks for detials or credit details or ss numbers in any way is legitimate basically, you don’t need to look at anything else. First thing you should check in any email and never click a link, unless you know exactly where it is going and are satisfied the email is legit. Again worth having some false positives.


Whenever you see anything like this, whether it claims it’s from Apple or anywhere else for that matter, go to the source. In this case, go to Apple and see if there’s anything amiss, amuck, awry. Never click on any link in emails like this. There are so many red flags in this example. Unfortunately, you have to be suspicious of ANY email you receive. Don’t be reactionary. I have done this in the past. This can happen to any of us, no matter how cautious we think we are.


This is solid input across the board. Don’t click links. Always go to the source.

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