Is TripIt Pro worth it? Considering Black Friday discount

I’ve been using TripIt for many years and am a big fan of the service.

I just go an email announcing a 50% discount on TripIt Pro for Black Friday ($24 USD instead of $49 USD) and am considering giving it a go.

If you’re currently using TripIt Pro (or have used it the past), I’d be curious to hear your impressions. Thanks!

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I’ve found it worth it when my flight is delayed. For some reason American doesn’t always send notifications, but tripit always does. Usually tripit has my flight status before the American app does also.

The Go Now is kinda useful, but I wishicould customize it on a per airport basis.

Also the 4 months of clear is a great Perk! If you have Clear at your home airport, I’d get tripi pro just for that. It saves so much time at security if you have Clear. Unfortunately, not all airports have it though.

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Thanks for your feedback, @maeganwilson. That’s very helpful.

I often fly Air Canada and find that their app tends to provide very timely advise. In fact, when one of my flights was cancelled I knew about it before the staff at the boarding gate. Other airlines app’s don’t seem to be as accurate, which is where TripIt Pro could be helpful.

It looks like CLEAR is currently only available in the USA (I’m in Canada). It looks like an interesting service.

I have been a TripIt Pro user for many years. I believe it is worth it as I travel a good bit. I use it for more than delayed flight information. I use it for my entire itinerary and for sharing trip details with my Executive Assistant (she books everything but TripIt is a handy one stop location for all the details) and with my wife.


I’ve used it for two years and love it. I just paid full rate to renew.

I find it especially good to use when I have trips lined up with multiple sets of hotel and car reservations and flights. While I try and stick to a single airline it’s not always possible, so it’s nice to have everything in one app, that works and not be sorting through email or other folders before each trip. I like having my reservation number, terminal, hotel, and all the other travel details easily accessible in the same locations. In fact, I put into it locations and appointments for meetings and meals and the like so it functions as my calendar when I travel. So far, it’s always been able to extract information from confirmation emails without me having to mess with it. Definitely does what it says on the tin.

I also like that you can make other people viewers, which means I don’t need to email or text my partner and admin support person my flight and hotel information.

(This is a pretty ringing endorsement. I swear they don’t pay me or even give me a discount.)


Do you have a link? I’ve been a long-time user, but I haven’t received this email.

I’ve been using it for a lot of years. I keep questioning myself about whether it is worth it … but I traveled a fair amount and found it to be a valuable service. I am traveling a bit less now so I will probably rethink it again this year :slight_smile: The free version provides many of the useful features but the notices and reminders have saved me a few times.


The code is BLACKFRIDAY50

I also use it as my go to for my travel itenerary. It can very easily read my company’s travel confirmation page which is nice, but I don’t think that’s a pro feature.

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I’m a frequent traveler and I can certainly attest to the benefits of having an itinerary manager handy.

Although I’m not a TripIt user, I believe the biggest benefit you get with the Pro version is tracking your loyalty programs. There are other options in the market, I’ve seen”App in the air” promoted on the App Store, and I personally use AwardWallet.

At the end of the day day it will depend on how frequently do you travel, and how many loyalty programs you’re enrolled into. If you have considerable volume of either, by all means having any app track those two for you is a worthwhile investment.

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Awesome. Thanks! I’ll give it a try!

I second what @timstringer (also Canadian), the Air Canada app is handy in many ways such as telling you your arrival gate (so you can plan how much time to make a connection or letting others know where you are when you are meeting up from different cities to take the final leg together). The alerts from TripIt Pro are very handy and on many connections when you change airlines, you do not get a gate number for your next flight so this is important. In many airports in Europe, like Frankfurt, the gate is only posted as little as 1 hour 15 minutes before departure. TripIt also lets you know which baggage carousel has your bags and can send emails to your significant other to let them know about flight status (handy if your flight doesn’t have wifi).

I grumble about my annual fee for Office every year but never about TripIt Pro even if I only have 2-3 flights that year

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1h15m is a luxury! That said, I used to frequently fly out of Luxembourg which is tiny - however even Heathrow usually only posts the gates about an hour before takeoff.

I’m back on the Pro bandwagon - the Vienna airport app used to allow me to add flights way in advance and it would just work, unfortunately they recently changed it so I can only add a flight ~24 hours before it leaves which is a pain in the neck.

As a note: You get a $25 credit to LoungeBuddy with this deal, which is worth more than the price you pay for TripIt so you can visit a lounge as part of that too (or pay for part of a lounge visit depending on which lounge it is!) - a nice deal.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone! That was very helpful.

I decided take advantage of the Black Friday discount (which ends TOMORROW / 2018-11-23).
I look forward to experiencing the benefits of TripIt Pro first hand. If nothing else, I’m happy to flip them some coin as I’ve benefited greatly from their service over the years.