Is Voice Control ready for prime time

I am a long time user of Dragon Naturally Speaking on windows and really loved it.

I really wanted to start using Voice Control but I find that it does not recognize my speech very accurately.

I was at my doctors yesterday and he whipped out a wired microphone that was especially made for dictation, he was able to dictate the case notes in about three minutes. I was jealous. I am researching it for use with the Mac.

I have a large writing project coming up and having a microphone that actually worked well would be worth it.

**Does anyone have an experience with a microphone that works well with voice control. **

Do you think you have to go with a wired mic or have you found a Bluetooth, multipoint microphone/headset that works.

I feel like Don Quixote in my search for a Bluetooth headset that actually works.

I have the Sony noise canceling headset which on Bluetooth does not work that well for Voice Control.

I added a boom mic that plugs into the headset and then into your computer which seems to improve its voice recognition but then you are tied into just using it on the Mac or whatever device you have it plugged in on.

I have a old Bluetooth headset from Dragon that I need to test but it requires a special dongle to get the best performance, I’m not sure if it supports multipoint or not.

I have a little bit of hearing loss at the high-end and as result got a pair of $5000 hearing aids, thank God for insurance, but they do not have good voice recognition either and their multipoint is weak.

I have a USB audio Technica microphone that I use for video calls that I need to see if I can get it configured to work better for dictation. Not that portable.

I have tried Apple AirPods but they just do not stay in my ear and at the price I can’t afford having them fall out and losing them, the last set was chewed by my dog when it fell out. Don’t worry she’s still alive.

I have tried every type of adapter and the only one that works is the one that has an ear hook but then you have to take that off and on to charge it which is a pain.

I really hope Apple‘s next version will allow you to just put it on a Qi charger and not have to have it be in the case.

The rumor mill surrounding Apples next version of AirPods make it sound like it might be what I want, It can address my minor hearing loss as well as be multipoint and easily pair with my plethora of Apple devices.

**Has anyone really gotten into voice control and used it to control their Mac as well as perform longform writing?

Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well as any audio hardware recommendations.**

After paying a record amount for my Mac laptop, Damn you MacSparky, I would hate to have to go back to my older windows PC for my upcoming writing project.

Apple seems to view Voice Control as primarily a accessibility feature versus a bedrock of the operating system that could make using the Mac and other devices so much easier and their users so much more productive. Sigh!

No. It is certainly not ready.

I agree. It feels very half-arsed compared to dragon dictate.

I’ve switched to using a mix of and voice control to dictate (but not correct or control) followed by keyboard editing.

I think the new OS version’s change to allow simultaneous dictation and keyboard editing will make that approach much more powerful.

When I say ‘I think’, I mean ‘I hope’, coz, you know …

He dictated text into the medical record