ISO a macOS app to mount both GDrive and GTeam drives locally

Our university uses Google for cloud storage. Folks use both the regular GDrive storage as well as the Team Drive storage. I need/want to be able to mount either type of drive as a local folder. Unfortunately, that means I need two products from Google, Backup & Sync or File Stream.

I have found apps that allow me to mount multiple clouds:


I want one that gives robust local-mount access to both the regular GDrive folders and the Google Team folders.

Does anyone have a strong recommendation for one or the other to do this?


I played with both a year ago (I also trialed oDrive .) All these apps periodic had connection/reliability issues. If I remember right, ExpanDrive handled the most services, and I think at the time it also did encryption while CloudMounter didn’t. Neither were apps I felt would be reliable.

I can’t find a post here, but I believe ExpanDrive caused me a lot of grief.

I use AutoMounter to mount smb shares automatically.

Hopefully something helpful here.

I’ve been using Insync for years and have had a good experience with mapping seven different gsuite accounts.

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This appears to be exactly what I need. I’ll put it to the test and report back.



Quick tip: I have an “Insync” folder and add my Gsuite accounts to that folder, naming each one using the domain just to keep things tidy. Good luck and hope it’s what you need.