ISO: App or script to set window size

I’m looking for an app or script that could set a browser window or an app window to a specfic size like 800x640. What recommendations do you have?

Moom is great & scriptable.

(Sorry didn’t realize my phone had autocorrected to Moon…was focused on getting to 20 characters)

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Keyboard Maestro can do this as well (though it’s rather overkill if this is all you would be using it for).

What’s the url for the app? I’ve googled and found a bit too many non-results

Been thinking about learning Keyboard Maestro. Seems that it can do a lot of things!

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Keyboard Maestro does all the things!

Honestly, though, this can make it kind of hard to get a handle on, as well as seeming difficult to justify purchasing if you’re only using a small fraction of its capabilities.

I’m guessing he meant moom.



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