ISO: Mac Mail Client that Supports Markdown composition

My subject says it all. I really want to compose email in markdown. I actually do generally, in Drafts, but then when I use an action to open it in Spark the fonts change from my default. Spark support says this is a result of external composition. Is there any email clients that support writing in markdown natively, like we can here?

MailMate supports markdown.

My university essentially broke MailMate by enabling some sort of security measures, then refused to support it. But it worked well for me for a couple of years.


Airmail supports it as well, but MailMate is my preferred client. :blush:

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yes, I think these are the only two that support markdown. However, both apps seemed to be stagnant for a while .

I also have been looking out for good email client. So far the closest is Spark (which does not do MD)

MailMate still has quite a few updates, but you have to run the test builds. I don’t know why it’s been so long since he’s published a public stable release. :confused:

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Thunderbird supports Markdown email if the Markdown Here extension is used.

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Wow! September 2020

I love MailMate. It’s updated regularly. Maybe not as a “final” release, but the vast majority of the betas are super stable. It is now at version 5875, released on March 1. So it’s definitely very very active.

I love writing in Markdown, plus the smart rules/mailboxes I depend upon. Integrates very nicely with OmniFocus and some other task managers.


Get on the MailMate email list and the betas. They come out regularly.