ISO: Spotlight/finder search to exclude attachments in mail

I’m searching in finder for a pdf with specific details. How can I exclude Mail and attachments from the search? I was hoping to use “-kind:mail” however it still shows attachments. Any ideas?

Try using the word NOT instead of the minus-sign. The minus-sign should work, though.

Finder search uses both kind:email and kind:emails so you could try excluding both terms.

I’ve found Finder search to be occasionally, randomly persnickety which is why I never use it any more, in favor of HoudahSpot (which utilizes Spotlight’s back-end)

So I was hoping that would work. Here’s a generic search term that I put into spotlight “pdf -kind:mail”

However, search results still include mail attachments. I think I want to exclude mail attachments specifically. Can HoudahSpot do that? I would prefer not adding any additional expenses at the moment. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 14.09.28

HoudahSpot utilizes the Spotlight infrastructure so I’m guessing not. What you could do is restrict your search to specific folders, excluding Mail (whose contents I believe reside in Library)